is your own free, Private, Neighborhood network to connect with your neighbors about what’s new in your neighborhood…

Part of the Connecting Neighbors Initiative, a local solution from your friends at ClarkCountyLive, Neighborly is a digital destination where you can be dialed in to everything that affects you, your home and your neighborhood!

- News and updates from your Neighborhood Association;
– Alerts from NOW – the Neighbors on Watch program;
– Important Notifications from County Government, Clark County Sheriff and Regional Emergency Management.

Plus everyday ways to make the most of a connected community:

- Borrow a shovel from a neighborhood toolshed, or, better yet, find a neighbor kid to pull those pesky weeds;
– Get a recommendation on anything from fixing a faucet to trimming a tree.

All from folks right in your own neighborhood.

From Garage Sales to HOA docs, used bikes to new babysitters, it’s a one-stop resource for you and your neighbors. So whether you’re looking for the neighborhood CERT leader, or someone to watch your dog; it’s all right here. It’s FREE, it’s LOCAL and it’s yours…

We’re Connecting the Community – Next Door and All Across Town!

Isn’t it time we all got a little more Neighborly…

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