Goodbye, Joe. Hello, Chuck!

          Chuck's Produce and Street Market Opening Soon.

          It's finally here (almost). The opening of the new Chuck's Produce and Street Market is set to open Thursday, October 7 at 13215 SE Mill Plain, in the spot formerly occupied by Joe's (or GI Joe's, as it is known by those of us who grew up here 🙂 ).

          Chuck's Produce and Street Market is a market and specialty foods store, similar to Trader Joe's or Wild Oats; but with lower prices. The meat department will feature meats produced in Washington and Oregon;  and the produce department will also carry locally grown selections whenever possible. You can also expect a deli with seating for up to 40, and serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner. For dessert, gourmet ice cream and gelato, and fresh local coffees.

          Chuck's is also expecting to have food preservation demos and healthy cooking classes taught in their on site kitchen. And, while I'll always miss Joe's, I say, "Welcome to the neighborhood, Chuck!"

          1. CJ 6 years ago

            Chucks is a nice looking place…lots of room (Vancouver store is an old Albertson’s I believe) very clean and bright and stocked well…plus nice
            people who work there…but…they are NOT cheap. Trader Joe’s doesn’t
            have anything to worry about. PLUS Chuck’s bulk area…wow…P R I C E Y!
            pricey like 2 and 3X per pound on some items…I almost fainted when I saw
            pine nuts were over $40.00 a pound…yes, FORTY! Winco has a great bulk area,
            clean and well tended to by the staff, and their prices cant be beat. Pinenuts
            are under $20.00 a pound..what a difference! A lot of people will go to Chucks to be ‘seen’ there…some of the older golf types who probably don’t need to watch their pennies? Well, THIS 60 yr. old visited Chuck’s but won’t give up
            on the better priced places to shop…hope you won’t give up on JOE’S
            or WINCO’S…do your homework if you are in the same recession I am in! =)

          2. Kelly 7 months ago

            Chuck’s Produce treats their employees like …t

          3. Kelly 7 months ago

            if you want to be treated like SHIT, then work at Chuck’s Produce.

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            Goodbye, Joe. Hello, Chuck!

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